• Jon Dweck

Is this a brainwave or a brain fart?

I’ve come to the conclusion that, following lockdown, people don’t want to work in offices all week anymore. I reckon the most common amount of days preferred in the office is 2 or 3, with the rest at home.

This leaves me with a real conundrum about my existing office space. I have a long lease I can’t get out of for 3½ years. The space can hold 35 people and we now have 16 people . On top of that I now believe my staff will only be there half the time! So that means I am only utilising 25% of an office space which costs my business £180,000 a year. With everything going on right now, that doesn’t feel sustainable, so I’ve been thinking of potential solutions.

I can rent out spare desks, but I’ve done that before… It’s a massive hassle, you share your space with random people and you don’t get a great rate per desk. Also, if I’m thinking this way, so will everyone else after lockdown.

So I got thinking – what if my team come into the office on the same days and we have the office empty the other days? And then what if we find another business to have the office on the days we aren’t there? it would be like an “office timeshare”

If both workforces want this, then both businesses will save A LOT of money. And if it works for my business, then surely it will work for others too? Ok, let’s not get carried away…

I’d like to survey my team about this, but don't want to get ahead of myself. I am going to try to find someone to tell me why such a simple idea can’t be done...

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