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Space Provider Terms

Our Terms with Space Providers

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Please email to request a full set of our terms of business, stating whether you are a Serviced Office Provider, Traditional Landlord or Existing Business Tenant.

Short Summary of Terms of Business for Space Providers

  • It is free to list with SpaceThreeTwo
  • For a successful introduction, we charge 10% of rent achieved for up to a 12mths period, invoiced on the date of exchanged contract or agreed membership with 28 day payment terms. You may alternatively pay us at a monthly rate of 15%
  • We offer a rebate based on actual duration of occupancy
  • A space seeker introduction remains for 6mths from the most recent viewing request
  • You must provide a timeshare option of less than 5 days a week on every space you list with us (unless we consent otherwise).
  • You can’t communicate directly with space seekers on our platform until they have booked a viewing

Hybrid Office Timesharing Expectations

We have a standardised Hybrid Office timesharing agreement that you are free to use. If you choose not to use it, there are certain features that all hybrid office providers must agree to:

  • Clearly defined Hybrid Office timeshare days
  • Clearly defined start and end times for each occupancy
  • Dedicated secure storage for each occupying business
  • Thorough clean of hybrid office before handover between occupying businesses
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