Reducing to 3 days in the office saves the average central London business £40,000pa for every 10 staff

No fitout costs - just the office you need on the days you want

Reduce operating costs

Drive employee productivity 

Give your team the flexibility they desire, without rotating staff and reducing productivity

Enhance team culture, improve work/life balance


"A hybrid office reduced our annual operating costs by 5%. No brainer!"

Lucy Morgan MD, Pod Talent


"We are adopting the SpaceThreeTwo hybrid office as we now see a blended week of office and home working preferred approach"

Richard Street, Head of Legal & Property – Brewdog


"Combines the essential benefits of having a proper office with the convenience of home working"

Andy Hinxman, CEO Keybridge

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hy·brid office | only pay for the days you need

Significantly reduce your operating costs and drive employee productivity by moving to a SpaceThreeTwo Hybrid Office

Decide which days you want office space

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Find or List a hybrid office on SpaceThreeTwo


Only pay for the days you use the office



Permanently reduce the environmental impact of your business via reduced commuting and energy usage

Protect the environment

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SpaceThreeTwo is the UK’s first hybrid-office marketplace.

A Hybrid office is a space specifically suited to businesses adopting a hybrid blend of office- and home-based working.

Bring your whole team together on the days you want, in an entire space of your own, set-up to enhance office-based activities that drive productivity and culture. And only pay for the days  you are there.

SpaceThreeTwo matches businesses with existing office space to those seeking a new space, helping you throughout the process of implementing a successful hybrid working model.

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