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5 days in the office is a thing of the past

Offices for Hybrid Working

We connect you to multiple office providers so that you can select the right space for your hybrid working needs

That's your own office, ready to go, the right size, from 1 to 5 days per week with flexible commitment terms

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Before the pandemic, 56% of all desks were empty at any given moment. UK office workers now want 35% less time in the office than before.

Even if social distancing ends, 72% of all desks will be vacant unless we all change our approach.

The total cost of office space to London businesses is estimated at £29bn every year. £21bn of that will be spent on empty desks.

Switching to a Hybrid Office for 2 days a week reduces entire office costs by half.

Space Three Two
Space Three Two

87% of central London business leaders are already or considering permanently adopting a hybrid blend of home and office working.

The Hybrid Office is the best solution to overcome the main concerns that businesses have about hybrid working.

Having entire teams together on the same days maintains collaboration and culture and makes training and onboarding easier.

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Evening Standard

Our first ever Hybrid Office implementation in November 2020.

Two 20 person businesses saved £180,000, removed 84 tonnes of CO2 and eliminated 9,400 commutes each year.

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