We enable two businesses to occupy

the same office on different days

The average London business could save

£30,000 per annum for every 10 office-based employees

How could this apply to your business?

Space Seekers

If you are coming to the end of your lease or on a short notice period, we can match you to the right space that is available on the days you want it.

Space Providers

If you are tied into an existing lease (circa 18mths+) we can help you find another business to occupy your office space on the days you don’t need it.

What is the right office/home blend for you?

Every business has it’s own culture, so we have built a short survey  to find out your staff’s working preferences. Request a unique company survey code via the link above.

What our customers say…

“This was a solution I had not thought possible. Space 3:2 took the time to talk us through the process and alleviate any concerns about office time-sharing. Our employee survey results gave us confidence that a blended office/home solution would work for us and the financial savings will certainly help during the downturn. The team were flexible and accommodating and their passion is infectious.”

COO, Space Seeker

“Space 3:2 has removed my office liability headache and reduced my annual operating costs by 5%.  We can stay in the office we love, we won’t be sharing our space when we are there and the whole team are happy they are moving to 3 days a week in the office. It felt like a no-brainer”

CEO, Space Provider

We want to change the way the world works…

Rethink the


An office is no longer a  business requirement.

It’s new role is to enhance productivity and culture and that requires new thinking.

Do the right

Our time on this planet is precious.


Office time-sharing saves energy.  Reducing office-based working enhances lives and local communities.

The tenant comes first

Tenants pay the bills and are the true customers.

They deserve better service, more transparency and flexibility at lower costs.

Our timesharing platform matches businesses together to share office space, reducing costs by 50% on average, enabling a happier and more productive workforce and dramatically reducing environmental impact.

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