• Vinay Khosla

Digitizing Sustainability Will Help ‘Sustain’ The Corporate Agenda

Jonquil Hackenberg

Looking back to November 2019 where we heralded the fact that 2020 would be the opening to the decade of sustainable business, we could not have predicted nor envisioned the pandemic that would consume the world’s attention just a couple of months later. Lives and livelihoods have been lost; many have had to reinvent themselves in order to survive.


Other companies may choose symbiosis in different ways and rather address the S -Social: gifting disused meeting rooms to complementary startups or non-profits for the greater societal good which could help develop a new partnership or revenue stream. Lockdown startups such as London’s office timesharing marketplace, Space 3:2 has seized upon this opportunity. In a similar vein with Governance: digitalization of the workforce provides a broader definition of the workplace, thereby opening work up to previously restricted talent pools, such as return to work parents; the disabled or; those living in remote locations – delivering on Diversity.