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The average London business could save

£30,000 per annum for every 10 office-based employees


Change is inevitable

This is a new solution to a new problem at the time it is needed.

The graph shows why change is inevitable

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The office strategies available to businesses today are:

  1. Carry on with your existing office solution and have constantly empty office space at a high cost

  2. Rotate your staff in a smaller office, saving money but risking a loss to culture, collaboration and staff engagement

  3. Sack off an office entirely, which simply won’t work for most

  4. Adopt our new Hybrid Office Model so that you only pay for an office on the days you need it, save money and enhance productivity, culture and staff engagement

Results of 400 office workers.

We are the first provider of the Hybrid Office Solution, but we are also the first adopter. We’ve defined a process that works and we can implement that solution for you, otherwise it will COST YOU NOTHING


Our Journey

Faced with a long-lease and more space than needed, he asked his team what they wanted.


The answer was 3 days a week in the office all in together on the same day. That left the office empty for 2 days each week. A few calls later and he found a business to rent the office for 2 days a week. It was the perfect solution.

This was such a great result, for both businesses, for the landlord, for the employees and for the environment. 

And so Space 3:2 was born.

We want to help others achieve the same benefit and change the way the world works for the better.

The business has gone from concept to launch during April and May of 2020, starting when Jon was seeking a solution to his business office puzzle.

Space 3:2 is a lockdown start-up. The three of us have never been in the same room but here we are forming a business together. Truly unprecedented times.


Ask your staff how they would like to work

Ask your staff what they would like

We've built a short survey template for you.

Send the survey to your staff to help you understand their preferences for a future working pattern.

We will provide you with the results.

To do this, sign-up to get your unique company survey code.

survey results 2.png

Results of 400 office workers.

The tenant is the customer

Tenants pay the bills so they are the customer.


Today, they need more flexibility and lower costs.


We want to deliver both.

Modernising the office sector

Covid-19 has proved that an office is no longer required for a business to exist.


Its new purpose is to enhance the experience of work.


That requires new models, greater transparency, more flexibility and less costs.

Positively impacting society and the environment

Too many offices and too much commuting = too much energy.


Our model strikes the right balance to enable happier lives, a return to local community and dramatic reduction of environmental impact.