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How it works

We know you have questions, here are a few common ones.

How does SpaceThreeTwo work?
What is a SpaceThreeTwo Hybrid Office?

A Hybrid office is your own private dedicated workspace available only to your business on between 1 to 4 set days of each week.

What is included in a Hybrid Office?

All Hybrid offices are “plug and play”. That means costs are all inclusive (except VAT) and you are provided with all the furniture expected in an office. Wifi/internet is included, and most spaces will provide screens on each desk.

Each office is equipped with secure storage for your specific business so that you can keep belongings on site when you are not there.

How do you make a Hybrid Office feel like your own personal space?

All businesses agree to adopting a clean desk policy and cleaning contractors are provided with clear switching instructions in between occupiers so that you wouldn’t know anyone else had used the space before you. You can even have your own switchable branding and little touches to make the place your own are encouraged by most space providers.

Which days can you choose?

Depending on availability within a specific office space, there are no set days you need to choose. The more flexible you are on the days you want, the more office space will be available.

What if some people can’t work from home?

Many space providers offer some access to floating coworking desks and meeting room space on your remote working days. Where that is not possible, businesses are expected to offer access to local coworking hubs to the minority of staff that cannot work from home. This is a cost-effective solution, and we recommend as our provider of choice.

Which locations do you cover?

We currently cover central London, with plans to expand in 2022.

What types of office space do you offer?

Space providers on our platform include serviced office providers, managed office providers, coworking desk providers, conventional landlords and existing business tenants who are seeking to timeshare their business with another party.

What is the minimum commitment?

The minimum commitment required on most Hybrid Offices is 6 months and you will be expected to give a deposit or retainer, depending on the commitment length agreed.

How does security and storage work?

All business occupiers are provided with secure storage within their Hybrid office, so that you can keep belongings on site when you are not there. Other occupiers of your space will not be allowed access on your office days.

Do SpaceThreeTwo run the office spaces listed?

No, we are a marketplace matching space seekers to Hybrid Office space providers.

How does SpaceThreeTwo make money?

We charge space providers a percentage of the rental revenue that is generated from a successful introduction of a space seeker.

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