What do you want after lockdown?

As a business owner, I care about my staff & my bottom line

Jon's journey

After lockdown, I don’t want my business to go back to the way things were. There are better ways to balance work and life, and I believe now is the time for change. Working from home for everybody has been the biggest social experiment in history. But what about after lockdown?

I decided to ask my teams what they wanted in the future.


Only 6% want to return to working 5 days a week in the office and 70% said they want to return working three days a week in the office, 2 at home. Also the majority preferred that everyone be in the office on the same days to protect our culture. They said it would substantially improve their lives and make them more effective.


It’s better for the environment by reducing the amount of people commuting and energy consumption. Wellbeing also increases.


If, on the days we aren't using it, we rent our office out for two days, both businesses would give their workforce what they want while saving a lot of money. If we trialled this for 12mths, my 20-person business could save £72,000. That is enough money to pay off our Covid-19 related debts.

It feels like everyone wins.


So I’m hoping to set up an office listing portal to help businesses like mine. Anyone can list their property (not just agents), anyone can register as a space seeker and we will help with the matching.  You only pay if you are listing your office space and it’s not expensive.


If you are interested in this concept, please register your interest below and we will send you more information.


Share your office when you aren't there

As we move to a blend of office and home based working, Space 3:2 enables two businesses to occupy the same space on different days while retaining and improving your culture.



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Our timesharing platform matches businesses together to share office space, reducing costs by 50% on average, enabling a happier and more productive workforce and dramatically reducing environmental impact.

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