• Jon Dweck

What is in a name?

It’s time to come up with a name for the business. The working title we’ve been using is a combination of Share and Space – Shpace. It sounds best when said in the accent of Sean Connery. As in “That’s a lovely shpace you’ve got there Mish Moneypenny”.

I’m not keen on the name but I also don’t feel it encapsulates what we are offering – this isn’t just shared office space and this isn’t just a listing site. The office solution is borne out of the new approach to a blend of working from the office and working from home. I believe that in the future people will talk in terms of the blend they work, as in “we do a 4:1 or we do a 2:3”. I like the idea of incorporating that into the name so I’ve decided to go for Space 3:2.

I’ve checked both website availability and company name availability and it all looks free. Company incorporation here we come!

Our timesharing platform matches businesses together to share office space, reducing costs by 50% on average, enabling a happier and more productive workforce and dramatically reducing environmental impact.

Spacethreetwo Limited
5th Floor,
124-128 City Rd,
Old Street,
London EC1V 2NJ

Tel: UK (44) 0203 727 4411

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