• Jon Dweck

What is in a name?

It’s time to come up with a name for the business. The working title we’ve been using is a combination of Share and Space – Shpace. It sounds best when said in the accent of Sean Connery. As in “That’s a lovely shpace you’ve got there Mish Moneypenny”.

I’m not keen on the name but I also don’t feel it encapsulates what we are offering – this isn’t just shared office space and this isn’t just a listing site. The office solution is borne out of the new approach to a blend of working from the office and working from home. I believe that in the future people will talk in terms of the blend they work, as in “we do a 4:1 or we do a 2:3”. I like the idea of incorporating that into the name so I’ve decided to go for Space 3:2.

I’ve checked both website availability and company name availability and it all looks free. Company incorporation here we come!