• Jon Dweck

Webinar: How office timesharing can save £30,000pa for every 10 staff you employ (and much more)

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When and how long?

Friday 11th September, 11:00am (UK, London)

10 minute presentation, 10 minute Q&A

What will be covered?

  • The challenges that businesses face due to changing workforce preferences

  • The solutions available

  • How office timesharing works

  • Q&A

Which businesses should attend?

Any business with London office workforces of between 5-150 employees – whether they are tied to an existing long-term lease OR able to consider their options.

Who should attend?

Decision makers, budget holders or those responsible for implementing future office space strategy.

Introduction to the host

Jon Dweck is the founder of Space 3:2 - a lockdown start-up revolutionising the office sector by enabling two businesses to occupy the same office space on different days. Jon’s other business is also Space 3:2’s first customer, partnering with another business to timeshare their Old Street office. Jon will mainly present from the perspective as a Space 3:2 customer, as a business leader who has taken the business decision to adopt office timesharing

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