• Jon Dweck

My employee survey results are in!

The results of my staff’s future workforce preferences are back and the insights are brilliant. Only 1 person in the whole business now wants to work in the office 5 days a week, with 70% preferring a 3:2, 3 days in the office, 2 at home. There was also a slight preference for everyone being in the office on the same day.

I also asked them what they perceived as the benefits and concerns of switching to a blend of office:home working. There were twice as many benefits as concerns. The key benefits stated were:

  1. Better work life balance

  2. More productive at their job

  3. Less commuting

  4. They save money

  5. They can move somewhere more affordable due to less commuting

The concerns stated were:

  1. Loss of colleague social contact

  2. Harder to get “on-desk” feedback

  3. Fear of culture loss

  4. Onboarding new staff harder

  5. Space at home cramped

My leadership team and I have already worked through the concerns and how to overcome them. Ensuring everyone is in the office on the same day resolves the loss of social contact and culture. We are improving our use of Microsoft Teams to overcome some of the “on-desk” feedback concerns. We are offering an allowance to everyone to improve their home working conditions and also plan to maintain a small number of desks to be available 5 days a week for those that simply can’t work from home for some reason. We recognise the need to review our onboarding and training approach, but with some new starters due during lockdown, we will have a perfect opportunity to try things out.

Now that I know this will work for my recruitment business, I want to generate more data to see if a broader survey gets the same result. If that happens, this looks like a viable business concept.

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