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Existing Office

How to convert an existing office lease

Switching your existing space to Hybrid reduces your office costs by an average of 50%.

With our support, the switch does not require much investment and your landlord is highly likely to give permission.

Switching to Hybrid shares costs without losing the sense of identity that your own office provides. You won’t know another business is there when you are not and it reduces your carbon footprint.

Serviced Office & Coworking Providers

Working with serviced office providers

Full Hybrid Office occupancy increases rental revenue by 20% at minimal extra cost.

Hybrid office demand is rapidly increasing for spaces for between 4 and 80 people. You can register your vacant space or allow existing occupiers to share their office with another on a Hybrid basis.

Switching to Hybrid raises footfall and increases additional revenue opportunities, while enabling you and your members to reduce their carbon footprint.

Space Three Two

Working with SpaceThreeTwo

It is free to list with SpaceThreeTwo and we only charge you if we match someone to your space. Our fees are 10% of the rental revenue achieved in the first 12mths (or 15% if you pay monthly). We provide additional support services to all space providers to ensure that the implementation and experience of a Hybrid Office meet expectations for all parties.

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