How do you know if office timesharing could suit your business?

85% of office workforces actively want 3 days in the office or less and so if you have between 10-75 people in an individual office space, it is likely that this concept can work for you. The first step is to assess the preferences of your workforce and your leadership. If you want us to help with that, you can request a workforce survey here.

How many days can you have in the office?

It is up to you and depends on how you see an office space adding value to your organisation. Our research shows a similar number of businesses preferring 3:2 and 2:3. This is also the case of 4:1 and 1:4. That means there should be a good chance of finding a business that complements your preference.
The days you select to be in the office is flexible and to be agreed between the two timeshare partners.

How does office timesharing improve workforce productivity?

Research shows that some working tasks are better done in a group environment and some are better done alone. Adopting a blend of office and home working enables your workforce to choose the right environment for the right task. In addition, a reduction in commuting time (and in some cases associated stress) provides further uplift in productivity.

What if some staff prefer an office 5 days a week?

There are some simple solutions to this, as long as these staff members are in the minority. If they aren’t, then office timesharing is not for your business. One option is to agree that a small amount of desk capacity is available to both businesses for 5 days a week. If that does not feel right, other options include providing staff with a budget to improve their home-working environment.

What if you need meeting space on the days you aren’t in the office?

We recommend that both timeshare occupiers set aside around 20% of meeting room capacity for their timesharing partner on the days they aren’t in.

How do you switch timeshare office space from one business to another?

All timeshare partners adopt a clean desk policy and have their own safe storage area. Standard cleaning contractors complete a simple switching process on each evening before a changeover. The switching process is agreed between timeshare partners (with our help) and can range from signage changes to deep cleaning.

How does office timesharing benefit the environment?

Two businesses sharing the same office space reduced energy usage by over 40% for both timeshare partners, while it also halves the environmental impact of commuting.

How does IT and phone usage work in a timeshare office?

Today the required technology is usually already in place. A strong leased line internet connection and VOIP enabled telephone systems are required in the office, while laptops or mini PCs must be standard for all staff. Printing facilities will be available, and partners agree what is provided on each desk, for example landline phones and/or 2nd screens.

How does Covid-19 impact office timesharing?

In a similar way to all other office space solutions. Until social distancing is lifted, offices must be deep-cleaned during tenant switches and distancing measures must be in place.

What is included in the price of an office timeshare?

Prices are all inclusive and cover rent, service charge, business rates, utilities, cleaning, internet and storage. Should a new occupier require some bespoke features, they should expect to cover the cost of set-up themselves.

How does it work legally?

Both parties agree terms with Space 3:2 which incorporates standard and bespoke elements of the office timesharing agreement. Where the space provider is a business that is already occupying the office via an existing lease, the required landlord permissions will have been sought and granted.

How it Works

Office timesharing is a new concept in the same way that renting private homes to holidaymakers was before it became the global phenomenon it is today.


Here are some answers to the questions you might have that will help you to join the office timeshare revolution…

Our timesharing platform matches businesses together to share office space, reducing costs by 50% on average, enabling a happier and more productive workforce and dramatically reducing environmental impact.

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